Feb 26 2010

Free Software

The following little .NET application can backup databases to your USB Key.  The application can also be run FROM the USB key.  So you can copy the EXE to your usb…go to your SQL Server…  Run it and it will start a little winforms app that can be used to BACKUP and RESTORE TO AND FROM the key.  For this to work you have to either update the source and recompile or update the included config file using a text editor.

Click here for the source files.  This is a Visual Studion 2005 solution.  Instead of using the config you could modify the source and recompile.

Click here for just the EXE and matching CONFIG file.  Update the config to match your parameters.

Do you have trouble keeping a budget?  I have a spreadsheet that can help.  To see a quick demo and to download, click on the link below.

www.ultimatebudgetspreadsheet.com. If you are interested but you don’t want to register on the site, contact me and I will send it to you.