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Oct 26 2009

Fixing an SRS Report Error

Spent the morning today trying to alter an SSRS Report (SQL Server Reporting Services report) and got stuck for several hours on a problem.

I was getting the following error when trying to:

“The definition of the report is invalid. The table <TABLENAME> has as as toggle item <FIELDNAME>.  Toggle items must be text boxes that share the same scope as the hidden item or are in a scope that contains the hidden item, and cannot be contained within the current report item unless current grouping scope has a parent.”

Googling was of no help.  I could not find any property in any property sheet that was causing the problem.  No <TABLENAME> was toggling <FIELDNAME> that I could find.  I HAD set some groupings on the report but reversing that did not work.

In the end I had to manually open the RDL file (SSRS definition file) in Notepad++ and searched for the word “toggle”.  I found the errant tag and deleted it.  Fortunately, this did not invalidate the report definition and I was henceforth able to finish my edits without a hitch.

NOTES FOR NON-TECHIES – SSRS is a very cool tool that ships with SQL Server that allows you to easily edit and publish reports to an intranet web-server.  On most days I like working SSRS.  It is a great tool.  But not today. 


Sep 09 2009

Can you reference the textboxes on an ssrs report from embedded code


Is it possible to reference a textbox from the embedded code of a ssrs report. I would like to show or hide the textbox based on a condition.



Sep 09 2009

How do you reference a field in the Embedded Code of an SSRS report.


Is there a proper way to reference the fields of a ssrs report from the embedded code of an ssrs report?

When I try to use Fields!Program.Value I get the following error --

There is an error on line 3 of custom code: [BC30469] 
Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference.

Upon googling I found you could reference the Parameters of a report by prepending Report. at the beginning. So I tried this Report.Fields.Program.Value. That results in the following error...

There is an error on line 3 of custom code: [BC30456] 'Fields' is not a member of 'Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ExprHostObjectModel.IReportObjectModelProxyForCustomCode'. summary, is there a way to reference the fields from the embedded code. I figured out I could pass the field vals to the function itself but I would prefer to reference the fields directly.


Aug 25 2009

Is there a way to supply query parameters to a SQL Server Reporting Services Report at deployment time rather than at design time


SUMMARY: I have created a SSRS Report. I want to be able to supply parameters for the report at DEPLOYMENT time rather than just design time or runtime.

DETAILS: I want to create ONE report and deploy it multiple times with the only difference being that I want to change one of the query parameters. I do not want to prompt the user for the value.

Can this be done?