Category: databinding

Oct 28 2009

How do you get a Microsoft Access form to refresh a computed column?


I have a Microsoft Access form that is bound to a linked SQL Server table that has a computed column. I have a control bound to the computed column.

I already realize that the computed field cannot be refreshed until AFTER a record is saved. Beyond that, what is the best way to refresh that textbox that is bound to the computed column after save.

I would prefer not to do a me.requery (a requery of the whole recordset).

Is there a way to JUST refresh that one field?

Thanks. Seth

Sep 24 2009

get object out of telerik radcontrol for winforms binding


I hope that someone can help me with an issue related to binding a bindable collection class to one of the Winforms Telerik list controls.

If you bind to a plain ole windows list control like this...

dim list as new listBox

with list
    .DataSource=myCollectionClass  'this contains a collection of widgets.
end with

I can then get a widget out of the list by doing this...

Dim myWidget as Widget=ctype(list.Items(0),Widget)

If you do the exact same code with for example a Telerik RadListBox (same example as above) but change line one to be

Dim list as new RadListBox.

With RadControls it seems you cannot cast to the Object type directly. Whenever I try this I get the following error...

Unable to cast object of type 'Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadListBoxItem' 
to type 'Widget'.

Can someone at the least confirm that this is a known limitation of Telerik RadControls for Winforms or let me know the proper way to do it.

Thanks. Any help will be appreciated. Any thoughts?