May 13 2008

About SpearSoft

…or…why you should hire me!  


Are you a business manager or owner who is in need of technical solutions to your business problems?  


You are half-way there if you know that a little money spent on technology investment now can reap ROI dividends down the road.  To get you all-the-way there you just need to know what questions to ask


But that is tougher than it sounds. 


Sure, you understand <FILL IN YOUR BUSINESS DOMAIN HERE> but you know very little about how to successfully deliver software and IT Infrastructure solutions in such a way that it will move your business forward.  


That is how Seth Spearman of SpearSoft LLC can help.   I am a self-employed IT consultant, custom software developer, and passionate technologist who has been helping customers like you clarify and solve business problems for over 12 years. 


And I know the right questions to ask.  Questions like these…


"Are there problem areas in your business that, if not addressed soon, will significantly impact your ability to grow your business or keep your customers satisfied."


"Have you addressed Quality Control concerns with regards to your product and do you have processes in place that will ensure that quality issues are documented and addressed?"


"Have you considered adding a website or intranet portal that will allow your customers to see get real time information on their order status?"


"Has your in-house developer signed a Not-For-Hire agreement that ensures that any new intellectual property you pay to create is YOUR property and not his?"


"Would it be helpful to automatically create an invoice in your copy of Quickbooks (or Great Plains) whenever a sales order is received through your website?"


"Is that software application architected so that it is extensible?  Can it be changed without impacting the whole application?"


"Is it appropriate to use a framework to implement all of the ‘plumbing’ code for your application so that we can focus on your applications business logic and requirements?  What is your case for writing from scratch?"


"Do you think your application has been designed so that it could be sold or licensed to a third-party without significant re-writing?"


"Are all of the machines and the software on them running properly licensed software?  Can I manage that from my desktop?"


"Does it HAVE to be a web app?  Will a Windows app do?  Can you develop it rapidly or prototype it in Microsoft Access?"


This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of kinds of questions that a competent IT professional will ask you in the course of discovering what your real IT problems are?  And chances are pretty good that your Aunt Janice’s 3rd Husband’s brother who retired last year isn’t going to have the wherewithal to ask them either.

I’ll be the first to admit, IT work, and especially custom software or software integration, is NOT cheap? But over the last 12 years I have had VERY FEW customers who regretted spending the money.  In fact, once their eyes were opened to the possibilities afforded by technological innovation and investment, they spent MORE money than they had originally intended.


Why?  Why is technology investment worth it, even for small businesses?  Here are some of the reasons…


Keep your costs down by investing in technology instead of more

Manage your information better?  Sales, and order, and
project, and personnel information can be made more accurate and more

Keep your customers happier?  Tell them things or let them
do things (like ordering your products) that used to require a phone
call.  And then give them status updates.

Make better decisions by having information at your fingertips
from a web portal dashboard or report server.

Add innovations and efficiencies that put you ahead of your
competitors…things they are not doing and haven’t thought to do yet…or are
not willing to invest in.

Add quality control systems to your business that ensures that
customer or product problems are managed and addressed.


It’s a long way of saying it…but SpearSoft LLC can help you implement solutions in a way that will pay you back one day, on-time and under-budget.  


If you want to know more about how SpearSoft LLC can help you, please contact me.  Your first couple of hours are completely free (and I will give you real advice…not just
marketing mish-mash). 


I can be reached at SethSpearman (at) gmail (dot) com. 

 Or call me on my mobile…864-907-5904. 


Or just fill in the little form below and click send.

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I can also give you a list of customers who will be very happy to recommend me.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Kindest Regards,

Seth B Spearman


SpearSoft LLC


Technology On Target


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