Aug 30 2015

Visual Studio Code notes with a free 5 freebies

These are the notes I took during a recent visual studio code tutorial. VISUAL STUDIO CODE ---------------------- ctrl-b toggle sidebar ctrl-n (1,2,3)  open and change to new panels. ctrl-w to close panel ctrl-. to open quickfix (code action) menu typings folder and files is one of the code action looks on definitely typed database on github ctrl-x to delete a line tab to complete auto-complete suggestions new html file.  save as html. then type tag name (without braces) and tags are added... try this... ul>li*10  - creates 10 li tags in a ul tag. (tab between tags...    escap when done) css - hover over class to see when applied.  when peek is on hold control to peek definition ctrl-space for intellisens for schemas. ctrl-/ to toggle comments ctrl-p to toggle command pallettte ctrl-shift-m - brings up the problem pallette ctrl-shft-o - find symbol right-click a file Select For Compare.  Right click with first file. command pallette - key - keyboard shortcuts. shift-alt-down to complete and duplicate the line. stopped listening at... Emmet support for html editing. To scaffold an html doc type !tab. to do the aspnet portion of this introduction to code... around 17:30 it starts the aspnet application. so first I had to install yeoman scaffoldiing using npm install --global yo I also had to install the aspnet generator...this can be done by just running yo... yo and selecting install a generator and searching for aspnet. or by using npm install --global generator-aspnet  (I think.) then scaffold a new aspnet 5 app using yo aspnet after all dependencies are installed you create a new .net 5 execution environment by CDing into the new app folder and typing dnu restore. (this won't work until you install dnvm and dnu as described on this url... type code . (not just code) to open the current folder.