Sep 26 2013

Weird behavior when opening web project in Visual Studio 2012

        <p>I have a solution with a web project (the "main" project - lets call it the DataPortal project.) where the project will not open unless take the following steps.</p>
  1. Open solution. The DataPortal project is greyed out and says "Unable to open project".
  2. Right click the DataPortal project node and choose Edit DataPortal.vbproj
  3. Change the UseIIS node in the project from True to False. Save the file.
  4. Right click the DataPortal project and choose Load Project. The project loads.
  5. Now open the DataPortal project files Property page. (Alt-Enter)
  6. Check the option button in the Property sheet that says Use Local IIS Web Server.
  7. Check the checkbox that says Use IIS Express. The Project Url already has a value in it.
Now everything works great. And I can work until I shut down VS but when I re-open the solution I have to go back through it all again. Can anyone tell me how to fix it so that UseIIS is okay at startup? Is there some way to get insight into the project load error for more information about it?
Sep 22 2013

Comment by Seth Spearman on Get Make Home Page checkbox back for page content item in Orchard CMS

Piotr, I cannot make the permalink an empty string because that option is also gone when I try to edit the page. It is really weird. I have the permissions and I believe the page type has the appropriate parts added (I am going to add that list to the question). The only thing I did was delete the original page that was created by default but only because i had setup a new page.

Sep 22 2013

Comment by Seth Spearman on Get Make Home Page checkbox back for page content item in Orchard CMS

I am getting this behavior with the Super Admin account that is created during setup. But just to be sure, I checked the permissions of the Admin role and I could not find a set content item as a homepage permission. But I confirmed that this Admin role has all effective permission. I only have two users (including the super user), they are both in the administrator role and I am getting this behavior logged in as either one.
Sep 22 2013

Comment by Seth Spearman on Get Make Home Page checkbox back for page content item in Orchard CMS

I got excited when I read this because I thought that would be it. But, unfortunately, that was not it. The Page DOES have the AutoRoute Part attached. Bummer.
Sep 21 2013

Get Make Home Page checkbox back for page content item in Orchard CMS

I am working on learning Orchard. I have got my development machine in a state where it will not load the home page. I get a 404 error with this message... Server Error in '/OrchardLocal' Application 404 I realized that it is because no content item is set as the home page. However, the checkbox for making a page (or anything else) the home page is not showing in the edit page screen. How do I fix this? I need the Make this a Home page checkbox back or some other way to accomplish the same thing. Is there a way to do this in the database directly (which I realize is a hack but might let me move the ball forward on the problem). I thought I would mention the EXACT exception thrown by the error is "The controller for path '/OrchardLocal/' was not found or does not implement IController." Any help is appreciated. If I can't figure this out it seems I will be back to doing Orchard from scratch (new pull, new db etc) which seems to happen EVERY time I try to learn Orchard. Here are the Parts I have on the Page Content Type. This is probably not the default list because I have been messing with it to get it fixed.
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Menu For the record I added the blog Module to the site and added a blog. But same behavior when I create a Make this the Home page and no way to set the permalink.
Sep 03 2013

How to use Notepad++ to fix up clear out some numeric strings

I am writing a script that is a copy of another older script. As such I need to replace some floating point strings with an empty string (to speed up future updates to the script.)

Specifically I need to replace this…

‘90.12’) with this…


Notepad++ to the rescue.

I opened up the Find/Replace dialog (CTRL-H) in n++ and set the Search Mode to Regular expression.

In the “Find what:” box I put this… ‘(\d{2}).(\d{2})’\)

In the “Replace with:” box I put this… ”\)

It worked perfectly!!