Aug 31 2012

is it bad form to have your continuous integration system commit to a repository

I have recently been charged with building out our "software infrastructure" and so I am putting together a continuous integration server. After a build completes would it be considered bad form for the CI system to check in some of the artifacts it creates into a tag so that it can be fetched easily later (or if the build breaks you can more easily recreate the problem.) For the record we use SVN and BuildMaster (free edition) here. This is more of a best practices question rather than a how-to question. (It is pretty easy to do with BuildMaster) Seth
Aug 26 2012

To enable automatic start and stop of VirtualBox VM in Ubuntu do this…

Put this script into your /etc/init.d folder. give it a name without an this case start-stop-vbox-vm. Give it execute permissions by running sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/start-stop-vbox-vm then run this to enable auto start and stop... sudo update-rc.d start-stop=vbox=vm defaults 99 01 ###THE SCRIPT ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: start-stop-vbox-vm # Required-Start: $remote_fs $syslog # Required-Stop: $remote_fs $syslog # Default-Start: 2 3 4 5 # Default-Stop: 0 1 6 # Short-Description: Start vbox --headless at boot time. # Description: Script will start VBOX VM at startup savestate for the VM at shutdown. ### END INIT INFO #! /bin/sh # /etc/init.d/start-stop-vbox-vm # #Edit these variables! VMUSER="seths" VMNAME="Win2003Server" case "$1" in start) echo "Starting VirtualBox VM..." sudo -H -b -u $VMUSER /usr/bin/VBoxManage startvm "$VMNAME" --type headless ;; stop) echo "Saving state of Virtualbox VM..." sudo -H -u $VMUSER /usr/bin/VBoxManage controlvm "$VMNAME" savestate ;; *) echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/SpodeVM {start|stop}" exit 1 ;; esac exit 0
Aug 26 2012

New post as…

New post as - : To enable Remote Desktop to ubuntu #twittertools

Aug 26 2012

To enable Remote Desktop to ubuntu

Just (all from the terminal)... sudo apt-get install xrdp That will download and start xrdp. For it to work and show more than the background do this... echo "gnome-session --session=ubuntu-2d" > .xsession Then you need to restart the session... To kill all xrdp sessions and restart do ... sudo /etc/init.d.xrdp restart HT to Seth
Aug 17 2012

Comment by Seth Spearman on How do you select from a xml column in sql server if the column is not a singleton

Worked perfectly. Thanks.
Aug 16 2012

How do you select from a xml column in sql server if the column is not a singleton

I am trying to query an xml column among other...the following query is working fine...
            substring(replace(lower(s.Street),' ',''),1,8) 
                + substring(replace(lower(s.City),' ',''),1,8) 
                + substring(replace(lower(s.State),' ',''),1,8) 
                + substring(replace(s.ZipCode,' ',''),1,5)AddressHash,
    FROM   (SELECT UpwardOrderID, AccountNumber, UpwardLeagueID,
                   x.value('(./ShipTo/Name)[1]', 'VARCHAR(255)')                                                AS ShipName,
                   x.value('(./ShipTo/Street1)[1]', 'VARCHAR(255)')                                             AS Street,
                   x.value('(./ShipTo/Street2)[1]', 'VARCHAR(255)')                                             AS Street2,
                   x.value('(./ShipTo/Subdivision1)[1]', 'VARCHAR(255)')                                        AS City,
                   x.value('(./ShipTo/Subdivision2)[1]', 'VARCHAR(255)')                                        AS State,
                   x.value('(./ShipTo/PostalCode)[1]', 'VARCHAR(255)')                                          AS ZipCode,
                   x.value('(./Order/ClientOrderDate)[1]', 'DATETIME')                                          AS OrderDate
            FROM   av_order CROSS APPLY orderXML.nodes('/Order/ShippingInformation') t(x)
            WHERE orderXML Is Not Null) s
This query is working fine except for the last column I am trying to select in the FROM subquery. The difference is that column (ShippingMethod) is NOT a singleton. The XML contains all of the shipping methods and I want to select the ID of the SELECTED shipping method. Here is what that part of the XML looks like...
            <Name>DONT SHOW</Name>
            <Attention>DONT SHOW</Attention>
            <Street1>DONT SHOW</Street1>
            <Street2 />
            <Subdivision1>DONT SHOW</Subdivision1>
            <ContactInfo>DONT SHOW</ContactInfo>
What do I do to select the SELECTED shipping method ID? Seth