Jan 26 2010

Format the items in a ContextMenuStrip before showing them

Use the Opening event to change the items. For example. If you want to disable one of the items.

I record that here for posterity. The Layout event, which I tried at first, only occurs once.


Jan 26 2010

Comment by Seth Spearman on Does anyone have any real-world experience of CSLA?

Great answer. Very objective.
Jan 23 2010

What switches I used when using Windows 7 built-in Robocopy command

Windows 7 includes a VERY POWERFUL file and directory utility (like xcopy on steroids).  I just used it to copy the entire contents of one drive onto another.

For future reference.  Here are the command line options I used and an explanation.


Here is what they mean.

S – copy directories too

ZB – copy in restartable mode…if it fails copy in backup mode.  (In restartable mode it starts where it left off if the copy operation is interrupted.)

COPY:DAT  – Copy Data Attributes and Timestamp information.  This mode will ignore security settings.

DCOPY:T – for Directory copies, preserve Timestamp information

XA:SH – exclude System and Hidden files.

R:2 – Retry twice if copy fails.  (Default is 1 million…how helpful is that?)

W:5 – Between retries wait 5 seconds. (Default is 30 secs.  That is too long.)

Hope this helps.


Jan 21 2010

Answer by Seth Spearman for Ms access: Autocomplete field with values from another table

CodeSlave mentions a way that will work. But it will only work for one value. There is no way to do the multi-words-separated-by-commas thing. Only one word at a time.

As for the Adding new values. The combobox control support an OnNotInList event which can do what you say.


Jan 15 2010

Can you configure a single folder in a WordPress install that will allow directory list contents


I have a WordPress installation. I would like to have one folder in the file structure where the url will show you the files and folders and allow you to browse and download from there.

Can it be done?


Jan 13 2010

New blog post – ‘Configure you…

New blog post – ‘Configure your Novatel MiFi device to not disable the wireless when you plug it into USB port.’ http://tinyurl.com/ydhsewt

Jan 13 2010

Configure your Novatel MiFi device to not disable the wireless when you plug it into USB port

I love my MiFi.  It is a personal router that uses my mobile provider’s broadband infrastructure to connect you to the internet any place and time (as long as there is signal.)

It has a couple of annoyances, though, the biggest one being that when you plug the device into your computer’s USB port IT DISABLES THE WIRELESS.  You can still connect to the internet but you have to use the providers software to do it.  This is bad behavior for a lot of reasons but here is an example.  You are sharing your MiFi wireless with several others but the battery is going dead.   But if you plug it in to the USB port so the device can charge, BAM…no more broadband sharing.

The good news is that I discovered after some digging that this behavior can be disabled such that connecting to the USB will NOT disconnect wireless.  Here’s how.  This is from memory so I may not have it perfectly outline but do something like this:

  1. Turn on your MiFi and wait a minute.  Then connect your computer to the MiFi wireless connection as you would any other WiFi connection.
  2. Open a web browser window and go to  This is the ip address to the MiFi configuration page.
  3. Type the Admin password in the box in the upper right corner and click the login link.  (out of the box the admin password is ‘admin’ so that should work unless you changed it.)
  4. This will take you to the Admin page.  Go to Setting/Config.
  5. Click Download to grab a copy of your configuration file for your mifi.  This loads an XML document into your browser.
  6. Do Ctrl-A to select all and Ctrl-C to copy to your clipboard.
  7. Open Notepad (or your favorite text editor.  I use Notepad++.)  Do Ctrl-V to paste in your text.  Save the file with any name to a location you remember.
  8. Edit the config file.  You will find a line in the file that reads as follows <routeroverusb>0</routeroverusb> .  In that line change the 0 (zero) to 1 (one).  Save your changes.
  9. Back in your browser window. Click the Upload button.  Browse to the file you just saved and click Save or whatever. (I can’t remember exactly.)  This will write the changes to the MiFi configuration.
  10. Restart your MiFi.  (Power it off and then back on.

NOW you are done.  You should notice that plugging in the USB will NOT disable WiFi any longer.

Let me know if it works for you.


Jan 13 2010

A script for reindexing all tables in a Sql Database

Here it is…

USE databasename–Enter the name of the database you want to reindex

DECLARE @TableName varchar(255)

SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables
WHERE table_type = ‘base table’

OPEN TableCursor

FETCH NEXT FROM TableCursor INTO @TableName
DBCC DBREINDEX(@TableName,’ ‘,90)
FETCH NEXT FROM TableCursor INTO @TableName

CLOSE TableCursor



Jan 06 2010

Answer by Seth Spearman for Splitting MS Access Database – Front End Part Location

I agree with the others. Keeping the fe on the server is not recommended. Just put a batch file on your server that does the push. When you have an update send a shortcut to the batch file via email. That is one of many solutions. Once you set it up it is not a problem.


Jan 06 2010

Comment by Seth Spearman on Is there a Windows 7 ODBC driver for Access?

David, Last paragraph I think you meant to say there is no 64-bit jet yet. Great Answer BTW. +1. Seth