Jun 22 2009

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Jun 04 2009

The Moment I HATE Visual Studio

For the Record, I really like Visual Studio. Most days I LOVE Visual Studio. But there is one moment that I use Visual Studio that I cannot fully describe the visceral loathing-and-hatred I have for Visual Studio. The situation appears when I have installed some software that has not merged its help content into Visual Studio help system. God forbid that at that moment you accidentally hit the F1 key. In such a case Visual Studio hangs as it merges the new help content into its help system. No Cancel. No Pause. No Stop. No "I Didn't Mean To Do That." No Prompt--"would you like to merge blah blah blah. This could take a few minutes." Instead you see THIS... The Moment I Hate Visual Studio There is nothing you can do to stop this short of a)  killing Visual Studio using task manager or b) go get a burger. On my old machine this merge operation could take as many as 20 minutes. ARG... Microsoft...please fix this stupidty. Seth B Spearman
Jun 03 2009

Is it OK that I just posted my same answer to several related questions on Stack Overflow? [closed]

Hello, I have a Stack Overflow etiquette question. Several months ago I had a question that was not perfectly answered on Stack Overflow. Several weeks later I figured it out myself. I just posted my ANSWER to SEVERAL existing questions. Is that OKAY? In short, is it OKAY that I posted my ONE answer to several RELATED questions in StackOverflow? Or is that bad form? My reasoning is that it is a pretty good answer to a pretty common problem and I wanted to increase the surface area for the question. Thanks for your answer about SO.com etiquette. Seth